Joint Pain Treatment Charlotte NC

In the last few decades, stem cell treatment has been heralded as a miraculous cure for so many diseases, including joint pain and arthritis. Stem cell treatment can also possibly treat Osteoarthritis of the knee, and even knee arthritis (OA). However, if symptoms get really bad, complete knee replacement is usually an option. With this in mind, there are a few different options available for those seeking pain relief from Shoulder Pain Treatment Charlotte.

Stem Cell Treatments

The first option for relieving joint pain with stem cells is called mesotherapy. With this process, the stem cells are injected into the affected area. After being stimulated by a few pain-producing substances, the cells multiply and begin to heal the damaged area. If you have just undergone a procedure for which mesotherapy is recommended, you can expect several months off from work or other activities. Although this method can be successful for certain conditions, it should not be considered a “cure” for chronic joint pain. In fact, it can make the pain worse, and may cause further damage to your joints.

Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

Another option for reducing pain from arthritis and other conditions is called dermabrasion. With this procedure, a machine, called a dermabrasion machine, uses a high-powered jet of water to scrape away the top layers of skin and underlying tissue, thus removing the cause of joint pain. Depending on the type of procedure, this may be performed as often as six times per year. It’s important to note that even though this is a relatively simple procedure, it’s still painful. The procedure may also cause scarring of the affected area. It’s not recommended for people who have any other sort of underlying health problem, such as a history of kidney or heart problems. As with most treatments, however, you should always consult a physician before beginning any type of treatment.