Medical kitting may sound like a strange concept to some, but it’s simple assembling any number of medical items into a ready to ship container or kit for use by a third party. The biggest focus with mass-assembly like this is efficiency, that’s what can make the difference sometimes.

Medical Kitting

This principle of efficient can be compared to any medical practice. You’re probably going to be spending most of your time with nurses or assistants, only seeing the doctor for important things like diagnosis where their expertise is really needed most. With this routine the more valuable time of the doctor can be spread around as much as possible. Same with medical kitting, we aim to save you from having to do the dirty work so you can really focus on all the other things you have going on.

Essentially anything that you want can be kitted, within reason. The content all depends on your ultimate objective for the kits. We generally work with DNA & RNA testing kits, but as you can tell from out products list, we can include nearly anything you may want in our kits. We can also include any special instructions in the kits that you may want, just to ensure proper usage and success.


If you’re thinking about mass distributing any kind of medical kit at all, it’s more cost effective to have them made in big batches and stored or sent out gradually. Pre-assembly has a number of advantages over waiting until after orders have arrived. We gather all the supplies needed at one time and work to produce whatever quantity of kits you think you’ll need at first. The more kits you put together at one time, the cheaper each individual kit is going to be.

When you are sending out large quantities of medical kits, all of the different components such as a puritan swab, bandages, etc. can be arranged and gather to save the most amount of space and keep them packed tight so they can’t raddle around during shipping. It’s much faster to ship out a kit that you have made than to assemble one then ship it out. We also offer custom printing services for your kits, we can brand them so they can stand out and people will know who they’re from. Anything you need printed, we’ve got you.